Brushless Coreless Motor



are synchronous, high powered motors powered by drivers. They are quiet, lightweight and handle torque at various speeds and positions.

Assun DC Brushless Motors are designed to have high rotating speeds and maximum operating life spans, making them ideal for continuously running and high-power applications.

Company Name Abbreviation
Motor Type
BL Brushless Motor    
CL Brushed Motor
Motor Dimension
16 Diameter (mm)    
40 Length (mm)
Number of Pole Pairs
A 1 Pole Pair B 2 Pole Pairs
C 3 Pole Pairs D 4 Pole Pairs
Temperature Level
N 85℃ E 120℃
F 155℃ H 185℃
Nominal Voltage and No Load Speed
24 Nominal Voltage (V)
20 No Load Speed (×1000rpm)

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