Electronic Definitions (D)

[D] Presenting a list of electronic terms starting with letter d that are available for more detailed lookup for their definitions or abbreviation explanation. All terms are listed in alphabetical order for easy browsing.


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"Digital Audio Broadcast"  


"Digital to Analogue Converter"  

Daisy Wheel Printer

- Is one where the characters are arranged near the ends of the spokes of a rimless wheel  


"Demand Assigned Multiple Access"  

Darlington Transistor

- Two transistors connected to get a very high value of current gains  


"Defense Advanced Research Project Agency"  


"Digital Access Signalling Systefn"  


"Digital Audio Tape"
- The medium that a machine that records sound digitally uses

Data Capture, data preparation, data preparation staff, data processing manager, datv

Data Capture

- Getting(data) into the computer so that the computer can process them  

Data Preparation

- Is the translation of data into machine readable form

data preparation staff

Data Preparation Staff

- The people responsible for the translation of data into machine readable form  

Data Processing Manager

- The person responsible for the overall running of the computer department  


"Direct Antenna Television"  


"Distributed Arithmetic Unit"  

Day Service

- PABX feature. One of two modes of operation usually equating to attended service to allow one set of PABX programming options to be used.  


- A means of expressing ratios logarithmically

dBc, dBi, dBK, dBm, dBmO, dBmOp, dBmOps, dbms, DBPT, db,s dBv, dBW, dBµ


- Decibels relative to carrier level  


- Decibels relative to isotropic soure  


- Decibels relative to 1K  


- Decibels relative to 1mW  


- Decibels relative to 1mW at point of zero reference level

dBmOp, dBmOps


- As dBmO but photohometrically weighted



- As dBmOp but weighted for audio transmissions  


"DataBase Management System"

- Is a system that allows a systematic approach to the storage and retrieval of data in a computer often coordinating data from a number of files



"Deutsche BundesPost Telekom"  


"Direct Broadcasting Satellites"

- Usually refer to high power satellites

triple band lnb, uhf


- Decibels relative to 1V  


- Decibels relative to 1µV  


"Direct Curmnt"

Another definition of DC:
- Direct current, such as that in a battery, or provided to the computer circuits by the power supply.

dc equivalent circuit, dc return, dc to dc converter, dc value, DC-LINK, dca dce

DC Equivalent Circuit

- What remains alter you open all capacitors  

DC Return

- Refers to a path for direct current. Many transistor circuits won`t work unless a dc path exists between all three terminals and ground.  

DC to DC converter

- A circuit that converts dc voltage of one value to dc voltage at another value  

DC Value

- The same as the average value  


- In relation to frequency converter 40hz  


"Direct Chip Attach"  


"Data Circuit Equipment"

"Data Communication Equipment"


"Direct Dialling In"

- This allows an extension line on a PBX to be called directly from the public network without operator intervention



"Double Data Rate"  


"Digital Data Service"  


"Dynamic Debugging Tool"

- Is a CP/M utility program to assist with lowlevel error detection



"Drug Enforcement Administration"  


- Is the detection location and correction of bugs

ddt, diagnostic aid


- A factor of 10. Often used with frequency ratios of 10, as in a decade of frequency referring to a 10:1 change in frequency

compensating capacitor


Decibel Voltage Gain

- This is a defined voltage gain given by 20 times the logarithm of the ordinary voltage gain  

Decision Table

- Is a table showing the relationship between named variables and specifying the actions to be taken when certain conditions arise  

Declarative Statement

- Is a programming language statement that provides information about the user`s program needed at translation time such as array sizes or variable types  

Declination Angle

- The angle between the polar axis the polar axis and the dish axis so that it points to geostationary are  


- Is to separate the sheets of multipart continuous stationery which has been produced as output from a printer  


"Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications"

- A sophisticated cellular like technology able to support very high user densities and provide wide band data communications as well as speech link


Default Option

- Is a specific alternative action to be taken automatically by the computer in the event of the omission of a definite instruction or action  

Defining Formula

- A formula or an equation used to define or give the mathematical meaning of a new quantity. Before the defining formula is used for the fire time, the quantity does not appear in any other formula.  


"Direct Exchange Line"

- An outside line connecting to the PSTN


Depletion Layer

- The region at the junction of p- and ntype semiconductors

depletion mode MOSFET

Depletion Mode MOSFET

- A FET with an insulated gate that relies on the action of a depletion layer to control the drain current  


"DEfence Research Agency"  

Derating Factor

- A value that tells you how much to reduce the power rating for each degree above the reference temperature given on the data sheet  

Derived Formula

- A formula or an equation that is a mathematical rearrangement of one or more existing equations  


"Data Encryption Standard"



- The removal of a device from the substrate by extracting solder from the device leads and land pattern  


- Electronic Component  


"Distribted FeedBack"  


"Disk Filing System"

- Is the name given to the DOS in the BBC microcomputer



"Discrete Fourier Transform"  


"Directorate of Intelligence"  

Diagnostic Aid

- Is an aid in the debugging of programs  

Diagnostic Error Message

- Is one that attempts to indicate the type 6f error  

Die Cut

- A tool designed to cut or punch a substrate or other flat material into a predetermined and uniform finished shape  


- An electrically insulating material used to separate conductive layers of a circuit or device  

Diff Amp

- A two transistor circuit whose ac output is an amplified version of the ac input signal between the two bases

non inverting input

Digital Computer

- Is a computer in which the data is represented by combinations of discrete pulses usually denoted by Os and Is  

Digital Ogm

- TAM feature where the outgoing message (OGM) is recorded in a mmmry chip mdwr than on tape  

Digital Plotter

- Is a graph plotter that receives digital input specifying the coordinates of the points to be plotted  


"Dual In-line Memory Module"  


"Deutsches Institut fur Normung"  


- A pn crystal. A device that conducts easily when forward-biased and poorly when reverse-biased.  


- Device used to transform low current ac to dc; functions as a one way valve for conducting voltage

compensating diodes, current limiting, cutoff region, electronic workbench, full wave rectifier, second approximation, surge current


- Dual in line pin device or component having two rows of leaded pins for terminating to circuit conductors through holes in a substrate  

Direct Access

- Is the process of storing or retrieving data items without the necessity of reading any other stored data first. Also called random access.  

Direct Addressing

- Is where the address specified in the instruction is the address of the location to be used  

Direct Coupling

- Using a direct wire connection instead of a coupling capacitor between stages  

Direct Data Entry

- Is the input of data directly to the computer using normally a keytodisk unit  


- Is zt programming language statement that instructs the translator

lead free solder


- Is a list of file names together with information enabling the files to be retrieved from backing store by the operating system  


"Direct Inward System Access"

- PABX feature aflowing an outside caller to access systefn features and extensions



- Is a program that translates from machine code to an assembly language generally used to decipher existing machine code by generating the equivalent symbolic codes  

Discrete Circuit

- A circuit whose components, such as resistors, transistors, etc., are soldered or otherwise connected mechanically  

Discrete Components

- Nonactive Passive Devices  

Disk Drive

- Is the mechanism that causes the disks to rotate between the read/write heads

floppy disk drive, winchester drive

Disk Map

- Is the memory map for disk storage  

Disk Pack

- Is a set of disks fitted on a common spindle  


"Data Link Control"  


"Delta Modulation"

dma, dmp, dmt, dmx


"Direct Memory Access"  


"Disposable Material Path"  


"Discrete Multi-Tone modulation"  


- Used to denote a particular type of lighting control for stage and effects usage  


"Do not Disturb"

- PABX feature allowing a user to prevent incoming calls



Directorate of Operations"

docsis, document reader donor, door opener, door phone, doping, dopsk, dos, double buffering, double length word down time, downlink, download


"Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification"  

Document Reader

- Is an input device that reads marks or characters made in predetermined positions on special forms  


- A pentavalent atom, one that has five valence electrons. Each pentavalent atom produces one free electron in a silicon crystal  

Door Opener

- PABX facility allowing a caller access to the building by electrically unlocking the door. Arranged through the PABX by dialling on an extension telephone.

Fix and Go Gate Repair

Door Phone

- PABX facility allowing communication from a PABX extension to a person at the door  


- Adding an impurity element to an intrinsic semiconductor to change its conductivity. Pentavalent or donor impurities increase the number of free electrons, and trivalent or acceptor impurities increase the number of holes.

Tunnel Diodes


"Differential Offset Phase Shift Keying"  


"Disk Operating System" dfs, ibm compatible


Double Buffering

- Is the use of two buffers so that one may be filled while the other is being emptied  

Double Length Word

- Is a hardware feature of many computers where two words (of say 16 bits) can be joined together and manipulated as a single (32 bit) word in the central processor  

Down Time

- Is a period of time during which a computer is out of action  


- The signal path from the satellite to the receiving dish  


- Is the transfer of programs and/or data from a mainframe to other usually smaller computers. The reverse process is referred to as upload.  


"Distribution Point"

dpcm, dpco, dpi, dpnss, dpo, dpsk


"Differential Pulse Code Modulation"  


"Double Pole Change Over"  


"Dots Per Inch"
- Common measure of the resolution on a printer a scanner or a display


"Digital Private Network Signalling Systern"  


"Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope"  


"Differential Phase Shift Keying"  


"Dynamic Random Access Memory"

cache memory, vram


- Change in the output voltage of a power supply over a specified period of time. All other operating parameters (load, line, etc.) are assumed to be held constant. Drift is often specified as starting after a warm-up period  


- Pieces of software that "drive" a peripheral. They interpret between the computer and a device such as a CDROM  


- External grade cable suitable for overhead suspended use with no additional support  

Dry Film

- A dielectric layer of material laminated to the surface and covering selective areas of a substrate  

Dry Run

- Is the use of test data to check the paths through a program or system design without the use of a computer  


"Double SideBand"



"Double SideBand Suppressed Carrier"  


"Digital Speech Interpolation"  


"Digital Subscriber Line"



"Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplier"  


"Digital Storage Oscilloscope"  


"Digital Signal Processing"  


"Data Set Ready"  


"Direct To Home"  


"Department of Trade and Industry"

recording telecomms, surveillance


"Data Terminal Ready"  

Dual Bed Of Nails

- A test fixture used to electrically test bare and assembled circuit substrates on two sides simultaneously with probe contacts  

Dual Channel Operations

- Allows change of cordless telephone radio channel in the event of intcrference  

Dual Diode

- A single device package housing two diodes  

Dual Spin

- Spacecraft configuration in which the main body spins to provide attitude stabilisation and the antenna assembly (and often some of the electronics) are despun by means of a motor and bearing system to point continuously toward the earth  

Dual Tape

- TAM feature where there are separate tapes for the OGM and the ICM  

Dummy Variable

- Is an identifier used for syntax reasons in a program but which will be replaced by some other variable identifier when the program is executed  


- Is to copy the contents of a file or the contents of the immediate access store to backing store or to an ouput device  

Duty Circle

- The width of a pulse divided by the period between pulses  


"Digital Versatile Disc"

house technology


"Digital Visual Interface"  

Dynamic Mike

- A dynamic type of microphone in which the diaphragm moves a coil suspended in a magnetic field in order to generate an output voltage proportional to the sound pressure level  


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