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[F] Presenting a list of electronic terms starting with letter f that are available for more detailed lookup for their definitions or abbreviation explanation. All terms are listed in alphabetical order for easy browsing.


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F Connector

- Industry standard connector used for attatching coaxial cables from the LNB to the satellite receiver  

F/D Ratio

- Ratio of length of dish depth at its centre point and the diameter. Shallow dishes have higher F/D ratios  


- A necessary step to success

cctv repair, error, journal file, mi6


- Facsimilie

fax/tel switch

Fax/Tel Switch

Faoice Operation  


"Federal Communications Commmion"  


"Frame Check Sequence"



"Frequency Division Duplex"



"Fibre Distributed Data Interface"  


"Frequency Division Multiple Access"  


"Functional Earth"

fec, fed, feedhorn antenna, feedthrough hole, fei, fet, fetch phase, fetch/execute cycle


"Forward Error Control"
"Forward Error Correction"


"Field Emission Display"

offset fed antenna

Feedhorn Antenna

- The small widebeam antenna that illuminates (gathers signal from) the reflector in an antenna systern  

Feedthrough Hole

- A plated hole to connect two or more circuit layers of a substrate

grid pattern


"Federation of the Electronics Industry"  


"Field Effect Transistor"

fetch phase, fetch/execute cycle

Fetch Phase

- Is the part of the cycle in which the instruction is copied into the arithmetic logic unit and decoded  

Fetch/Execute Cycle

- Is the complete process of retrieving an instruction from store decoding it and carrying it out. Also called instruction cycle  


"Fast Fourier Transform"  

Fiber Optic

- A type of technology that uses glass (or plastic) threads (fibers) to transmit data from one network to another.  

Fiducial Targets

- A shape or pattern retained in two or more locations on the substrate surface for assembly systems using vision alignment  


- Is a predetermined section of a record (e.g. date of birth in a pupil record)

field effect transistor

Field Effect Transistor

- A transistor that depends on the action of an electric field to control its conductivity  


"First In First Out"
- Is a term used to describe the behaviour of a queue

Fifth Generation

- Is a term used to categorise the type of computer architecture that is predicted for the early 1990s  


- Is an organised collection of related records

filename extension, filestore

Filename Extension

- Is an addition to a filename which may determine the file`s type (e.g. FRED.FOR a Fortran program; FRED.OBJ the compiled form of FRED.FOR)  


- Consists of those files available online to the operating system at any given time  

Fillet Junctions

- Electrical and mechanical solder connection to the contacts of a device  

Fine Pitch

- Integrated circuit devices with center to center lead spacing of 0,032 inch or less  


"Finite Impulse Response"

first generation

First Generation

- Is the generic term used to describe those early machines which used electronic valves and had limited size storage devices such as mercury delay lines electrostatic and magnetic drum memories  

Fixed Head Disk Unit

- Is one where a separate read/write head is positioned over each track on each surface; this reduces access time at increased cost  

Fixed Length Record

- Is one where the number of bits (or characters) is predetermined  


- Holding plates, clamps, solder paste stencils, and other hardware used to process a circuit assembly  


- A voltage that indicates an event has taken place  


- An effect created by layering two identical sounds with a slight delay (1- 20 mS) and slightly modulating the delay of one or both of the sounds  

Flash Hook

- A button or action to disconnect the local loop connection temporarily. Sometimes used to signal to the exchange to put the caller on hold.  

Flat Cable

- Insulated multiple paths of wire or conductive material routed in parallel  

Flat Plate Antenna

- Brought to public eye by the now defunct BSB who named it the Squarial. Operates by adding together the signal from an array of dipoles.  

Flexible Circuits

- Conductive circuit etched on one or more surfaces of a flexible substrate base  

Flip Flop

- Is a device or circuit that can be in citlier of two states  


"Forward Looking InfraRed"  

Floating Load

- This is load that has non zero node voltages on each  

Floating Point Notation

- Is a form of notation in which numbers are expressed as a fractional value (mantissa) followed by an integer expoiient of the base.  

Floppy Disk

- Is a lightweight flexible magnetic disk that behaves as if rigid when rotated rapidly. It is robust and light enough to send through the post. Also called a diskette.

floppy disk drive

Floppy Disk Drive

- Practically all PCs come with a floppy disk drive. 3.5in HD (high density) 1.44Mb floppy disks are now the standard.  


- Is a graphical representation of the operations involved in a data processing system  


- Active chemical used to promote intermetahc bonding of solder to the substrate circuit and device lead or contact

conformal coatings, pfd


"Frequency Modulation"
- The baseband signal is caused to vary the frequency of the carrier wave

fm improvement

Fm Improvement

- Increase in S/N at the output of an FM demodulator relative to its input (at expense of bandwidth).  

Fold Line

- The bend point of a flexible circuit substrate  

Foldback Current Limiting

- Simple current limiting allows the load current to reach a maximum value while the load voltage is reduced to zero  

Follow Me

- PABX feature allows calls to be autofmtically rerouted from one exte~ to another immediately or if the call is not answered within a set number of rings  


- Is the set of printing or display characters in a particular type style. Printers may offer a choice of fonts either by exchanging the printhead (daisywheel) or by software control as with a dotmatrix or inkjet printer.



- Apply to both screen and printed letters

computer security, floppy disk drive, font


- Coverage area of a satellite beam: a contour map showing EIRP PFD antenna size or G/T contours within a satellite`s coverage zone.  

Foreground/Background Processing

- Is a method of organising a timesharing computer system so that certain critical tasks may claim the sole use of the computer when required while other less pressing tasks utilise the remaining time  


- To wipe a floppy or hard disk in order to prepare it to accept data

cctv lenses


- Is a language using a reverse polish notation with applications in control



"FORmula TRANslation"
- Is used for scientific programming

filename extension, integer, real number

Forward Bias

- Applying an external voltage to overcome the barrier potential  

Fourth Generation

- Is a term used to describe those machines that are currently (mid 1980s) in common use.  


"Field Programmable Analogue Array"  


"Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication System"



"Frame Ready Assembler/Disassembler"  


- Is one complete television picture consisting of 625 separate lines; a new frame is transmitted every 1/25th second as two interlaced fields: the odd numbered lines followed by the even numbered lines.

frame relay

Frame Relay

- An interface specification based on LAPD (Q.921), the Integrated Services Digital Network version of LAPB (X.25 data link layer)  


- A person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities  

Free Electron

- One that is loosely held by an atom. Also known as a conduction-hand electron because it travels in a large orbit, equivalent to a high energy level

carrier, donor, lifetime, recombination

French Intelligence

- French intelligence is intercepting British businessmen`s calls after investing millions in satellite technology for its listening stations.  

Frequency Response

- The graph of voltage gain versus frequency for an amplifier  


"Fast Recovery mosfET"  


- Term used to describe a fried, blown, or otherwise damaged diode  

Front End Processor

- Is a small computer that receives data from a number of input devices organise it and transmits it to a more powerful computer for processing  


"Force Research Unit"  


"Front Side Bus"  


"Function Specific Integrated circuit"  


"Frequency Shift Keying"
- A means of data transmisson commonly used in modems where the two states of the signal are transmitted as tones of two different frequencies


"Fixed Satellite Service"

triple band lnb


"File Transter And Management"  

Full Adder

- Is a logic circuit that adds a pair of corresponding bits of two numbers expressed in binary form and any carry from a previotis stage producing a sum and a new carry. Also called a three input adder.


Full Duplex

- A circuit which carries information in both directions simultaneously  

Full Wave Rectifier

- A rectifier with a center-tapped secondary winding and two diodes that act as back-to-back half-wave rectifiers  

Functional Testing

- Simulation testing of a finished circuit assembly  


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