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[G] Presenting a list of electronic terms starting with letter g that are available for more detailed lookup for their definitions or abbreviation explanation. All terms are listed in alphabetical order for easy browsing.


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- Accleration Unit

g3, gaas, games paddle, garbage collection, garp, gasfet, gate source cutoff voltage, gbc pi 600 pwa, gcf, gcode, geostationary orbit, geosynchronous orbit, germanium, ghz, glass reinforced resin laminate, global beam, global variable, glonass, gms, gmsk, GND, go no, go test, goes, goms, googol, gpf, gpib, gpr, gprs, gps, grandfather father son files, graphical display unit, graphics card, graphics tablet, gregorian dish, grid pattern, grid position, ground, ground loop, ground noise, group working, gsm, gsm phase 2+, gt, gui, gull wing


- Gadolinium Gallium Garnet  


"Gailiurn Arsenide"
- High mobility semiconductor material used in low noise microwave devices.

Games Paddle

- Is a general name for a handheld control device used for computer games  

Garbage Collection

- Is a `housekeeping` task carried out by software: many applications packages do not rearrange their disk or immediate access storage when data is deleted and
the `free space` becomes distributed throughout memory.


"Global Atmospheric Research Programme"  


"Gallium Arsenide FET"  

Gate Source Cutoff Voltage

- The voltage between the gate and the source that reduces the drain current of a depletion-mode device to approximately zero  


"Gsm Certification Forum"  


- Is used in numerical controlled machine tools  

Geostationary Orbit

- The equatorial orbit used by TV satellites at a height of 35800 km (22247 miles) and speed Matched to earth`s velocity  

Geosynchronous Orbit

- An orbit of the earth in 23 hr 56 min 4.1 sec  


- One of the first semiconductor materials to be used. Like silicon, it has four valence electrons.



- Unit of frequency equal to 1000 MHz

802.11g, enhanced lnb, ka band, ku band, triple band lnb

Glass Reinforced Resin Laminate

- Typical dielectric base for rigid circuit substrates of epoxy resin and glass fiber  

Global Beam

- A satellite antenna beam covering the whole of earth as seen from the satellite  

Global Variable

- Is one that is available for the whole of a program including any subprograms  


GLObal NAvigation Satellite System  


"Geostationary Meteorological Satellite"



"Gaussian filtered Minimum Shift Keying"  



Go No Go Test

- A test or measurement where the readings are distinctly different, really high or really low  


"Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite"  


- A cardinal number represented as 1 followed by 100 zeros  


"General Protection Fault"  


"General Purpose Interface Bus"  


"Ground Penetration Radar"



"General Packet Radio Services"  


"Global Positioning System"  

Grandfather Father Son Files

- Are the three most recent versions of a file that is periodically updated. They are
retained for security purposes.

Graphical Display Unit

- Is an output device incorporating a cathode ray tube on which both line drawings and text can be displayed  

Graphics Card

- An expansion card that interprets commands from the processor to the monitor

V34 Plus, V34, V32bis

Graphics Tablet

- Is a device used to input line drawings directly to a computer. Also known as a graphics pad.  

Gregorian Dish

- A system that uses an offset focused main dish and secondary subreflector that is parabolic in shape as opposed to hyperbolic as on a Cassegrain dish  

Grid Pattern

- A uniform space between features on a substrate usually referring to via or feed through hole patterns  

Grid Position

- Location of device or hole center location from a zero reference or datum point  


- The negative or return path. Also used to describe the ground itself, where an excess voltage can be safely drained in the event of a short Circuit

ground loop, ground noise

Ground Loop

- If you use more than one ground point in a multistage amplifier, the resistance between the ground points will produce small unwanted feedback voltages  

Ground Noise

- Spurious microwave signals generated from ground temperature  

Group Working

- PABX feature allowing groups of extensions to be formed for routing of incoming and outgoing calls  


- Global system for mobile communications

gsm phase 2+

Gsm Phase 2+

- Gsm with high speed data capability

gprs, imtsc


- Gain to noise temperature ratio

nagging redailling


"Graphical User Interface"  

Gull Wing

- Contact lead formed downward and away from the device body in a shape similar to the wing of a gull  


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