Electronic Definitions (H)

[H] Presenting a list of electronic terms starting with letter h that are available for more detailed lookup for their definitions or abbreviation explanation. All terms are listed in alphabetical order for easy browsing.


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H Parameters

- An early mathematical method for representing transistor action. Still used on data sheets.  


- Real-time audio and video and data over packet switched network  


"Hole Accumulation Diode"  

Half Adder

- Is a logic circuit that adds a pair of corresponding bits of two numbers expressed in binary form (but cannot add in any carry) producing a sum and a carry. Also called a two-input adder.


Half Duplex

- A circuit which carries information in both directions but not simultaneously


Half Transponder

- Method of broadcasting used to transmit two channels via the one transponder  

Half Wave Rectifier

- A rectifier with only one diode in series with the load resistor. The output is a half-wave rectified voltage  

Hands Free Dialling

- Allows numbers to be dialled without lifting the handset  

Hands Free Operation

- Numbers may be dialled and conversations take place without the need to lift the telephone handset  


"High Altitude Platform"  

Hard Copy

- Is computer output printed on paper  

Hard Disk

- Is a rigid magnetic disk. It normally allows a higher recording density than a floppy disk thus providing more storage for the same physical dimensions.  

Hard Saturation

- Operating a transistor at the upper end of the load line with a base current that is one-tenth of the collector current.  

Hard Sectored Disk

- Is one that is formatted partially or wholly by markers which are put on the disk
when it is made


- The stuff that makes up the computer  

Hardwired Logic

- Is permanent circuitry often integrated circuit elements and their
interconnections. Sometimes called firmware.

Harmonic Distortion

- The presence of harmonics in the output signal of a device which were not present in the input signal  


- is the process of generating a number usually by adding the values in a field record or area of storage regardless of their meaning  


"Horizontal Blanking Interval"  


"Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor"  


"Hard Clad Silica"  


"High Density Bipolar"  


"High level Data Link Control"  


"High Definition Multimedia Interface"
- Audio Video interface for high definition TV and Home Theatre Systems


"High Definition Television"
- System using increased horizontal scanning rate for a sharper picture

aspect ratio, mini display port to display port adapter


"Half Duplex Transmission"  

Head Crash

- Is the dramatic and expensive descent of the read/write head onto the surface of a disk caused by mechanical malfunction  

Head End

- Central distribution point for a CATV or MATV system  

Head Unit

- Combination of LNB polariser or OMT and feedhom and dish  

Header Block

- Is a block of data placed at the beginning of a file which identifies that particular file and which may describe its structure.  

Hearing Aid Compatible

- Compatible with hearing aids which can be switched to the T position to improve speech clarity and eliminate background noise  

Heat Dissipation

- Thermal transfer of heat from the circuit assembly  

Heat Pressure Seal

- A method for terminating conductive ribbon cable to a mating conductive pattern on a substrate  

Heat Sink

- A mass of metal attached to the case of a transistor to allow the heat to escape more easily  


"High Electron Mobility Transistor"

hemt lnb

HEMT lnb

- High Electron Mobility Transistor Advanced donor techniques used in manufacturing allows charge carrier movement at lower noise temperatures.  

Hexadecimal Notation

- Is the system using base sixteen and the digits 0 1 2 9 A B C D E F. Hexadecimal numbers are used widely in computer science and other electronic fields.  

High Frequency Border

- The frequency above which a capacitor acts as an ac short. Also, the frequency where the reactance is one-tenth of the total series resistance.  

High Level Language

- Is a problem orientated language in which each instruction may be equivalent to several machine code instructions. It may be used on different computers by using appropriate compilers.  

High Power Satellite

- Satellite with transponder RF power in excess of about 100W  

High Resolution Graphics

- Is a term generally applied to graphical display units capable of fine definition by plotting around 300 or more distinct points in the width of a domestic TV screen  


"Home Location Register"  


- Its used in Telecommunication Field  


- A method of disconnecting the speech path between callers without breaking the local loop

holding current

Holding Current

- The minimum current through a thyristor that can keep it latched in the conducting stage

silicon controlled rectifier


- A Vacancy in the valence Orbit  


- A group that is developing the swap specification for networking in the soho market and will eventually take over from irda.  

Hook Switch

- The switch which is automatically activated when the handset is placed into the cradle, breaking the connection  

Horizon to Horizon

- A motorised dish mount with gearbox drive arrangement. Mainly used on small dishes.  

House Technology

- In the brave new world of the "intelligent" house technology will solve the problems for you  


"HalfPower Bandwidth"  


"House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence"  


"Heat Shield Connection"



"High Speed Circuit Switched data"



"HyperText Markup Language"
- The standard language used in the creation of web pages which can be read by web browsers


"HyperText Transfert Protocol"
- A protocol (utilizing TCP) to transfer hypertext requests and information between servers and browsers.



- Brand new battery pack for ACER, Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, Toshiba, Apple, IBM, Asus, Fujitsu laptop, lowest price and best service  


"HeadUp Display"  

Hybrid Computer

- Is a computer that uses both analog and digital techniques  


- The difference between the two trip points of a Schmitt trigger  


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