Electronic Definitions (K)

[K] Presenting a list of electronic terms starting with letter k that are available for more detailed lookup for their definitions or abbreviation explanation. All terms are listed in alphabetical order for easy browsing.


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K Band

- The frequency spectrum 10.9 to 36 GHz. Used quite widely in electronics, medicine and other fast growing industries  

KA Band

- Used loosely for 30/ 20 GHz satellite systems  


- Kbit (kilobit)
- Kb (kilobyte)



- Kilobits per second (digital bitrate)  

Kelvin K

- Unit of absolute temperature used in noise measurement 273 Kelvin equals zero Celsius  


- Is the record identifier used in information retrieval

key logger, key telephone, key to disk/tape encoder, keyboard, keystation keystation,. keysystem, keywatcher

Key Logger

- Easy to get key logger Application Support user to track all user actions such as Internet access, logging sites, etc.  

Key Telephone

- Is the record identifier used in information retrieval


Key To Disk/Tape Encoder

- Is an input device for accepting data from a keyboard and writing it directly to magnetic disk/tape  


- Several terms have come into use to describe layouts and facilities of teletypewriter keyboards.
1) ASCII keyboard
is one providing the full range of ASCII characters including `control` characters.
2) Numeric keypad
is one with only numeric keys often provided in addition to a QWERTY keyboard to speed purely numerical data entry

bios key to disk/tape encoder, keywatcher, magnetic tape encoder, operator`s console, teletypewriter verirication


- Is the record identifier used in information retrieval  


- A telephone system which uses only special proprietary telephones or `keystations`  


- Is a modular, scalable integrated key control and management solution that's designed for interoperability with access control and other systems  


- A tradenarne of BT for basic rate access  

Kimball Tag

- Is a small punched card attached to merchandise which is detached when goods are sold to provide machine readable sales data  

Knee Voltage

- The point or area on a graph of diode current versus voltage where the forward current suddenly increases. It is approximately equal to the barrier potential of the diode  


"Key Telephone System"  

KU Band

- Frequencies between 10.7 and 18 GHz used by satellite systems  


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