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- Is a means of identification used in programming to specify a particular statement (e.g. a line number in BASIC)


Lag Circuit

- Another name for a bypass circuit. The word lag refers to the angle of the output phasor voltage, which is negative with respect to angle of the input phase voltage.  


- Internet term

land pattern

Land Pattern

- The geometric contact shape provided on the substrate surface for the electrical and mechanical interface of surface-mounted devices

contact geometry, self centering, solder fillet


"Link Access Protocol"



"Link Access Protocol Modems"



- two transistors connected with positive feedback to simulate the action of a thyristor  


- LCD display is one that uses liquid crystals to reflect light

Another definition of LCD:
"Liquid Crystal Display"


"Least Cost Routing"

- Method of determining the cheapest method of placing a call automatically. Used when accounts are held with more than one carrier.



- A system now obsolescent of signallling to the exchanae the required number by transmitting a sequence of pulses. Also known as loop disconnect (LD) dialling.  

Leakage Current

- Is the current that flows from either AC or DC circuit in equipment to the chassis, or to the ground, and can be either from the input or the output  

Lead Circuit

- Another name for a coupling circuit. The word lead refers to the angle of the output phasor voltage, which is positive with respect to angle of the input phase voltage.  

Lead Lag Circuit

- A circuit that combines a coupling and a bypass circuit. The angle of the output phasor -voltage tray be positive or negative with respect to the input phasor voltage.  

Leaded Devices

- Electronic components with leaded contacts for pin through hole termination with the substrate  

Leakage Current

- Often used for the total reverse current of a diode. It includes thermally produced current as well as the surface leakage current.

collector cutoff current, surface leakage current


"Light Emitting Diode"

- LED display is one that uses light emitting diodes. These are particularly used by low voltage devices such as disk indicator lights.

led driver

LED Driver

- A circuit that can produce enough current through a LED to get light  

Left Brain

- The left half of the human brain. It is like a computer that processes words and-numbers. It operates sequentially, meaning it uses the results of each step to perform the next step.



"Low Earth Orbiter"

first generation


"Light Emitting Polymer"

execution error

Lexical Analysis

- Is a stage in the compilation of a program in which standard components of a
statement such as PRINT IF etc. are replaced by internal codes (tokens)


"Low Frequency"

cctv lenses


"Left Hand Circular Polarisation"  


- The average amount of time between the creation and recombination of a free electron and a hole  


"LastIn FirstOut"

- is a term used to describe the behaviour of a stack


Light Emitting Diode

- A diode that radiates colored light such as red, green, yellow, etc. or invisible light such as infrared  

Light Pen

- Is an input device used in conjunction with a graphical display unit. The
graphical display unit`s hardware together with special software senses the position of the pen and relays this information to the central processing unit

graphical display unit, icons

Line Box

- A tradename of BT for the NTE5 master socket  

Line Current

- The current measured between any two conductors from a three phase delta configuration  

Line Printer

- Is one that prints a complete line of characters at one time and hence is generally faster than a character printer

barrel printer, chain printer

Line Voltage

- The voltage measured between any two conductors from a three phase star configuration  


- Usually refers to the graph of current versus voltage for a resistor

linear op amp circuit, linear regulator

Linear Op Amp Circuit

- This is a circuit where the op amp never saturates under normal operating conditions. This implies that the amplified output has the same shape as the input.  

Linear Regulator

- The series regulator is an example of a linear regulator. The thing that makes a linear regulator is the fact that the pass transistor operates in the active or linear region.

switching regulator

Link Budget

- The calculation of power and noise levels between transmitter and receiver (uplink or downlink) taking account of all gain and loss factors to yield operating values of C/1 anct CNR margin above threshold and ultimitte SNR or BER.  

Linked List

- Is a list where each item contains both data and a pointer to the next item  


- Low Temperature Polysilicon  

Liquid Photo Imaged Polymer

- Material for solder mask on rigid substrate circuit boards  

Liquid Solder

- A tin-lead alloy heated to a liquid point for the electrical termination of devices to a substrate

migration of solder


"LISt Processing"

- Is used for list processing



- Is a linearly-ordered data structure  

Live Ware

- Is the term (not to be recommended) used to describe the human resources
(such as programmers or operators) associated with a particular computing requirement or installation


"Line Junction Unit"  


"Low Noise Amplifier"  


"Low Noise Block"

lnb - lncb


"Low Noise Convertor"  


"Last Number Redial"
- Telephone feature allowing the last number dialled to be redialed by pressing a single button

Load Power

- The ac power in the load resistor


Load Regulation

- The change in the regulated load voltage when the load current changes from its minimum to its maximum specified value  


- Is a program that copies an object progrim held on backing store into main store

fluid dispensing

Local Loop

- The two-wire connection between a subscriber and the local exchange

flash hook, tda, time break recall

Local Variable

- Is one whose use is restricted to a particular subprogram  

Logic Element

- Is a gate or combination of gates  

Logic Seeking

- Is the ability of a printer to organise its own operation to cope efficiently with
blank short or right justified lines

Logical Shift

- Is one where the bits shifted from the end of the location are lost and zcros are shifted in at the opposite end  


- Is a programming language with list processing features widely known for its `turtle graphics`


Look Angles

- The azimuth and elevation coordinates to which an earth station antenna must be pointed to receive signals from the satellite  

Lookup Table

- Is a table giving a set of values for a given variable



- Is a sequence of instructions that is executed repeatedly until some specified condition is satisfied. Nested loop is one contained within another loop

closed loop quantity, loop disconnect, loop gain, loop through

Loop Disconnect

- A system now obsolescent of signalling to the exchanae the required number by transmitting a sequence of pulses  

Loop Gain

- The product of the differential voltage gain A and the feedback fraction B  

Loop Through

- Output and input connections on a receiver that allows external equipment to be inserted in the signal path  


"LOng Range Aid to Navigation"  


"Line Of Sight"

Fix and Go Gate Repair

Low Level Language

- Is a machine orientated language in which each program instruction corresponds to a single machine code instruction. Low-level languages fall into two distinct categories.


Low Resolution Graphics

- Generally applied to graphical display units where simple pictures can be built up by plotting relatively large blocks of color or by using special graphics characters  


"Linear Predictive Coding"  


"Longitudinal Redundancy Check"  


"Least Significant Bit"

- Is the bit with the least place value in a word



"Large-Scale Integration"

- Integrated circuits with more than 100 integrated components



"Lowest Usable Frequency"  


- The term used to describe the monochrome part of a TV picture



"Lookup table local User Terminal"  


"Low Voltage"



"Large Vertical Aperture"  


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