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- Millimetre wave multi-channel multi-point video distribution system  


- A personal computer made by Apple and which is incompatible with PCs. Developed as a rival standard its operating system looks like Windows but predates it and looks and works much better.

Another definition of MAC:
"Multiplying ACcumulator"
"Multiplexed Analogue Components"
"Multiplexed Analogue Confusion"
"Media Access Control"

machine code, machine code instruction, machine readable, macro assembler, macro instruction

Machine Code

- is the set of machine code instructions for a particular computer. Any program must be translated into machine code instructions either before or during the running of the program.

machine code instruction

Machine Code Instruction

- Is one that directly defines a particular machine operation and can be recognised and executed without any intermediate translation  

Machine Readable

- Refers to data that can be input to the computer without further preparation such as magnetic ink characters

data preparation, kimball tag

Macro Assembler

- Is one that offers the facility of expanding macro instructions  

Macro Instruction

- Is an instruction in a programming language that causes several instructions of the same language to be generated and that is replaced by those instructions in the program. This is usually a feature of low level languages.  


- A rectangular tube carrier for storing and handling of IC devices


Magnetic Disk

- Is a storage device consisting of a flat rotatable circular plate coated on both surfaces with a magnetic material

floppy disk, Spooling

Magnetic Drum

- Is a cylindrical storage device the outside curved surface of which is coated with a magnetic material

first generation

Magnetic Polariser

- Fixes to feedhorn. Used to bend polarised wave from say vertical to horizontal.  

Magnetic Tape

- Is a storage medium consisting of a flexible plastic tape covered with magnetic material on one side and kept on spools

magnetic tape encoder

Magnetic Tape Encoder

- Is an input device that accepts data from a keyboard and writes it directly to magnetic tape  

Main Store

- Is the store of the computer consisting of those locations that may be addressed by the central processor directly

fifth generation, paging, program relocation, runtime system


- Is a computer with a variety of peripheral devices a large amount of backing store and a fast central processing unit. The term is generally used in comparison with a smaller or subordinate computer

download, mi6, mini computer

Majority Carrier

- Carriers are either free electrons or holes. If the free electrons outnumber the holes, the electrons are the majority carriers. If the holes outnumber the free electrons, the holes are the majority carriers.  


"Metropolitan Area Network"

manager/secretary operation

Manager/Secretary Operation

- PABX facility where calls for the manacer are routed to the secretary who can easily transfer the call if required  


"Manufacturing Automation Protocol"

disk map, footpath, process


"MARitime European Communications Satellite"  


- The extent (in dB) by which no official working (or clear sky) CNR exceeds threshold CNR or other value at which reception is deemed unusable.

link budget

Mark Sense Reader

- Is an input device that reads special forms (or cards) usually by electrically sensing the marks made in predetermined positions. Also called a mark sense device.  


"Maskingpattern Adaptive Subband Coding And Multiplexing"  


- Is an operation that selects certain of the bits in a register for subsequent processing

conformal coatings, polymer coating, solder mask

Mass Storage Device

- Is a term used to denote a large capacity backing store such as a magnetic drum  

Master File

- Is a file of data which is a principal source of information for a job  

Maths Co Processor

- A specialised chip that handles mathematical calculations for the processor  


"Master Antenna Television"

head end


- Master Antenna Television Private cable  

Maximum Forward Current

- The maximum amount of current that a forward-biased diode can withstand before burning out or being seriously degraded  


Megabits per second  


"Management Buy Out"  


"Memory Buffer Register"

- Is a central processor register that acts as a buffer for all data transfers to and from main store



- A type of bus designed by IBM to beat EISA. Although faster it never became popular because every machine that used it had to pay a royalty to IBM and because it was not backwards compatible with ISA.



"Multi Chip Module"  


"Multiple Carrier Time Division Multiple Access"  


"Modulated Continuous Wave"  


- A system of signalling to the exchange the required number by transmitting a unique pair of tones to represent each digit

mda mdf mds


"Manufacturing Defects Analysis"
"Microstrip Disk Antenna"
"Mail Delivery Agent"


"Main Distribution Fame"  


"Microwave Distribution System"  

Measured Voltage Gain

- The voltage gain that you calculate from the measured values of input and output voltage  

Mechanical Polariser

- Used to bend polarised wave from say vertical to horizontal. Works by controlled mark to space voltage pulses from indoor unit.  


"MicroElectronics Development for European Applications"  


- Is the collective name for materials (tape disk paper cards etc.) used to hold data.

cd rom, ultrasound

Medium Power Satellite

- Satellite with transponder RF power in the region of 30W to 100W  


- A trade name of BT for primary rate access  


"Metal Electrode Leadless Face"  


- The term normally refers to RAM (Random Access Memory). This is the kind that disappears when you turn off your computer and is much faster to access than a hard disk. It acts as a staging post between your computer`s hard disk and its main processor.

memory map

Memory Map

- Describes the way storage is organised in a computer

disk map


"Micro ElectroMechanical System"  


- Is a display of a series of option choices designed (e.g.) to lead a user through the stages of an interactive program.

pulldown menu


- Plane passing through the Earth`s axis and including one`s location



"Medium Edison Screw"  


- Use of words in a way that the literal left brain cannot understand, but the wholistic right brain can.



"Medium Frequency"

mflops, mfsk


"Million FLoating point Operations Per Second"  


"Multiple/Minimum Frequency Shift Keying"  


"Message Handling System/Service"  


"Microwave Integrated Circuit"

micr, micro code, micro computer, micro instruction, micro microphones, micro processor, microfiche, microprogram


"Magnetic Ink Character Recognition"

- Is machine recognition of stylised characters printed in magnetic ink

micro code, micro computer, micro instruction, micro microphones, micro processor, microfiche, microprogram


- Is a software equivalent of a micro instruction written to extend the machine code instruction set of a computer without the addition of further hardwired logic  

Micro Computer

- Is a computer based on a microprocessor. Generally this is a cheap and relatively slow computer with a limited immediate access store a simple instruction set and elementary backing store (e.g. floppy disks).  

Micro Instruction

- Is a hardwired instruction controlling the flow of data in an arithmetic logic unit

micro code

Micro Processor

- Is a single chip that performs the functions of a central processing unit  


- Is an output medium consisting of large capacity microfilm sheets (sometimes card mounted for robustness) which may be randomly accessed by a special optical reader/magnifier.  


- is a sequence of micro instructions  


- Is the transistor's gain at its mid frequencies; the midband gain is where the transistor's gain is at the highest and most constant level in its bandwidth.  


"Musical Instrument Digital Interface"

- Is a digital communications language that allows multiple electronic instruments, controllers, computers and other related devices to communicate within a connected network

midi filter

MIDI filter

- A dedicated digital device, on-board processor, or computer algorithm that allows specific MIDI messages or range of messages within a data stream to be either recognized or ignored  

Migration Of Solder

- The flow of the liquid solder alloy during processing  

Miller`s Theorem

- It says a feedback capacitor is equivalent to two new capacitances, one across the input and the other across the output  

Mini Computer

- Is a computer whose size speed and capabilities lie between those of a mainframe and a microcomputer  

Mini Display Port to Display Port Adapter

- It lets you easily connect your MacBook device to an HDTV display  

Minority Carrier

- The carriers that are in the minority  


"Millions of Instruction Per Second"  


"Massachusetts Institute of Technology"  

Mixed Mode Dialling

- A system of signalling to the exchange the required number by transmitting a unique pair of tones to represent each digit  


- An op amp circuit that can have a different voltage gain for each of several input signals. The total output signal is a superposition of the input signals.  


"Micro Miniature Diode"



"Microwave Multichannel Distribution System"  


"Monolithic Microwave Integration"



"Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit"  


"Multimedia Messaging Service"  


"Micro Miniature Transistor"  


"Memory Management Unit"



"MultiMedia eXtensions"  


- Is the name given to a memorising aid which uses a rational `sounds like what it means`basis (e.g. LDA represents LoaD Accumulator).  


"Microcom Networking Protocol"  

Mobile Phone

- A telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network

3g, c guard, french intelligence, imt2000,f mms, voice stress phone


- The smaller connector or jack now used for most telephone installations

modular programming

Modular Programming

- Is one aspect of structured programming in which individual tasks are programmed as distinct sections or modules (subprograms)  

Modulation Index

- The ratio of focal deviation to highest modulating frequency in an FM system  


- Circuit Sub Assembly

modular programming


"Music On Hold"
- A method by which external callers to a system hear music tones or messages while waiting to be connected to the appropriate person or department


- Your computer`s screen. Signals are sent to it from the video card

bios, cctv lenses, cctv repair, computer security, executive program, ioca, spymaster, surveillance, tempest radiation

Monolithic IC

- An integrated circuit that is entirely on a single chip  


"Meta-Oxide Semiconductor"

- MOS consists of three layers, a metal conductor, insulating silicon layer, and a semiconductor silicon layer

MOSFET, most


"Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor"

voltage controlled device


"Multimeter Oscilloscope Spectrum Analyser and Transient" Recorder  

mother board

- Is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that holds the principal components in a microcomputer system  


- The main printed circuit board which houses processor memory and other components  


- A low-pitched putt-putt sound that comes out of a loudspeaker. It indicates that an amplifier is oscillating at a tow frequency. The cause is usually the power supply having too large a Thevenin impedance.  


- Is an input device. The user moves the device around on a flat surface thereby causing a cursor to move around the display screen in response to the movements of the mouse.

icons, wimps


"Metallic Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy"  


- An abbreviation of MPEG Audio-Layer 3  


"Moving Picture Expert Group"
"Motion Picture Expert Group"

MP3, video cd

MPP Value

- Also called the output voltage swing. This is the maximum unclipped peak-to-peak output of an amplifier.  


"Multi Project Wafers"  


"Modified Quadrature Overlapped Raised Cosine"  


- Magnetic ram. A non-volatile memory technology that uses magnetic, thin film elements on a silicon substrate.  


"Most Significant Bit"

- Is the bit with the greatest place value in a word



- Is a disk operating system written by Microsoft used by the IBMPC and compatible machines  


"Medium-Scale Integration"  


"Minimum Shift Keying"  


"Mobile Station Roaming Number"  


"Mean Time Between Failures"  


"Modulation Transfer Function"  


"Mean Time To Repair"  


"Maximum Usable Frequency"  


- Multiplexer / Demultiplexer  

Multi Programming

- Is a method of benefiting from the speed of a central processing unit compared to a slower peripheral device by allowing two or more programs to be processed apparently simultaneously but actually in bursts controlled by an operating system  


- Fixed dish system with more than one LNB positioned to receive off axis satellite  


- Construction of three or more conductor trace layers separated by dielectric materials to form a circuit substrate  


- The combining of independent signals into one transmission channel

802.11a, voip

Multiprocessor System

- Is a computer system that contains two or more processors thereby improving the processing speed or reliability of the system  


- A circuit with positive feedback and two active devices, designed so that one device conducts while the other cuts off  


- Is a signal which passes only good frequency signals from one end to another  


"Multiple Unit Steerable Array"  


"Multiple sub-Nyquist Sampling and Encoding"  

Music Synthesizers

- Is an output device that generates sounds similar to musical notes on receipt of digital signals  


"Masking pattern Universal Sub-band Integrated Coding And Multiplexing"  


- A push button on a telephone which disconnects the microphone temporary to allow the user to hold a conversation without the other party overhearing  




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