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"Track and Hold"  


- Industry body that creates network interconnection and interoperability standards for the United States (www.tl.org)  


- Korean telecommunications standards body (www.tta.or.kr)  

Tab Devices

- Tape automated (lead frame to silicon die) bonding process for low cost and high volume IC packaging  

- Tab Retaining Points

- A small cross section of the base material for the retention of individual substrate units in a panel format  


- Is a data structure in the form of a rectangular arrangement of items in rows and columns (e.g. a two-dimensional array)

decision table, electronic workbench, esd packaging, hashing, lookup table, lut, surveillance, symbol table


"Total Access Communications System"  


"Telephone Answering Device"  


"Telephone Answering Machine"

tam interface

TAM Interface

- Fax feature allowing an answering machine to be connected to the same line as a fax machine and having the ability to discriminate between the two types of call  

Tantalum Capacitor

- A polarized electron (voltage) storing device having a tantalum dielectric for higher voltage applications  


"Test Access Point"

tape and reel, tape cassette, tape drive

Tape And Reel

- A continuous strip packaging furnished on a reel carrier for direct assembly machine processing  

Tape Cassette

- Is a device for holding magnetic tape. The tape is picked up without requiring manual threading. Both tape and cassette may be similar to those used in cosmetic tape recorders.  

Tape Drive

- Is the mechanism that transports the tape between spools across the read/write heads  


"Time Assignment Speech Interpolation"  


"TransAtlantic Telephone"  


"Time BReak"  


- Japanese telecommunications standards body (www.ttc.or.jp)  


- The linear thermal expansion per unit change in temperature  


"Transmission Control Protocol"



"Transmission Control Protocol/lnternet Protocol"

- Protocol necessary for Internet data transmissions



- Time Domain reflectometer (or reflectometry)  


"Time Division Duplex"

- Part of 3G W CDMA. Transmission and reception are at the same frequency, at different times. Data rates will be lower than FDD, but TDD has a longer range.



"Time Division Multiple Access"

tia/eia 136


"Time Division Synchronous CDMA"  


"Temporary DutY"  


"Transverse Electric"

tear restraints, telephone recording adaptor, teleprocessing, teletone, teletype, teletypewriter, tem, temperature coefficient, tempest radiation, tent over vias, terminal, terminator, tespar, test data, test pad, tetra

Tear Restraints

- Copper pattern retained in the comers of a flexible circuit substrate  

Telephone Recording Adaptor

- Is a device designed to record phone conversations and it connects the recorder with the telephone line  


- Is processing that is carried out from a remote terminal  


- Let one portion of a user's voice which is intentionally sent back to the earpiece  


- Is the trade name for a particular make of teletypewriter. The term is commonly but wrongly applied to any teletypewriter.



- Is an input/output device consisting of a keyboard and a typewriterlike printer often combined with a paper tape punch and reader. It can be used either for direct communication with the computer or for the preparation of punched paper tape for subsequent input.



"Transverse ElectroMagnetic"

temperature coefficient, tempest radiation

Temperature Coefficient

- The rate of change of a quantity with respect to the temperature

reference voltage

Tent Over Vias

- The covering of via hole and pads by solder mask material



- Is the term used to describe any input/output device which is used to communicate with the computer from a remote site  


- Is a specified value not normally expected in the data that is used to terminate a list of data items. Also called a rogue value.



- Time encoded digital signal processing and recognition  

Test Data

- Is data used to test a program or flowchart; as well as the data the expected results are specified

dry run

Test Pad

- Contact area designated for probing by automatic test systems  


"TErrestrial Trunked RAdio"  


"Time Frequency Multiplex"  


"Thinner Flatter Tube"

"Thin Film Transistor"


"Total Harmonic Distortion"  

Thermal Cycles

- Time between high and low temperature levels during static or dynamic test  

Thermal Energy

- Heat energy

Another definition of Thermal Energy:

- Jeat Energy


Thermal Noise

- Electrical noise that arises from the agitation of electrons in a conductor due to heat  

Thermal Printer

- Is one using heat sensitive paper producing visible characters by the action of heated wires. Thermal Printers are also used for industrial printing.  

Thermal Runaway

- As a transistor heats, its junction temperature increases. This increases the collector current, which forces the junction temperature to increase further, producing more collector current, etc., until the transistor is destroyed.  

Thermal Shutdown

- A feature found in modem threetertninal IC regulators. When the regulator exceeds a safe operating temperature, the pass transistor is cut off and the output voltage goes to zero. When the device cools, the pass transistor is again turned on.  


- A device whoa resistance experiences large changes with temperature  

Thevenin`s Theorem

- A fundamental theorem that says any circuit driving a load can be converted to a single generator and series resistance  

Third Approximation

- An accurate approximation of a diode or transistor. Used for designs that need to take into account as many details as possible.  

Third Generation

- Is the generic term used to describe those machines in which the integrated circuit replaced the transistor as the basic component

3gpp, itu, ntt docomo


- In an FM system the value of CNR at which the linear relationship between CNR and demodulation signal SNR breaks down

threshold extension, threshold voltage

Threshold Extension

- Techniques for reducing the CNR value at which threshold effects occur  

Threshold Voltage

- The voltage that turns on an enhancement-mode MOSFET. At this voltage, an inversion layer connects the source to the drain.  


- A four-layer semiconductor device that acts as a latch. A type of electronic switch. It has two states which are triggered by another voltage or current. SCRs and switching transistors are examples of thyristors.

breakover, holding current, silicon controlled rectifier, triac, trigger, unijunction transistor


"Telecommunications Industry Association"

- A US standards development organisation

tia/eia 136, tia/eia 95b


- ANSI version of the TDMA air interface standard. Replaces IS-136, second generation TDMA air interface standard.  


- Third generation CDMA air interface standard. Replaces IS-95.  


- A dedicated private wire between two sites of the same organization allowing one site to access the PABX at the other

altai tie clip microphone

Time Break Recall

- One of two types of recall signal to the PABX from an extension when hold or transfer is required. Operates by breaking the local loop for a specific period of time.  

Time Slice

- Is the predetermined maximum length of time during which each program is allowed to run during multi-programming  

Time Stamp

- TAM feature where each ICM is annotated with time and little of receipt  


- Telecommunications and internet protocol harmonisation over networks  


"Telecommunications Managers Association"  

To 5

- Multi leaded metallic case transistor package

half transponder, passport photos

To 92

- Multi leaded plastic case transistor package  

Toll Saver

- TAM feature. During remote access the owner may determine by the number of rings if there are any messages waiting  


- The lifting of one side or end of a device from the substrate surface during reflow solder processing  

Tone Switching

- Allows users connected to pulse dialling exchanges to switch to tone dialling after the connection has been made so as to access tonemode services  


- Is the largest on-line retailer which provide quality ink & toner cartridges for inkjet printers, laser printers, multi-function printers, copiers & fax machines.  

Tooling Holes

- Non plated holes in the substrate used for alignment to machines and fixtures  

Tooling Pins

- Alignment posts that mate with tooling hole in the substrate  

Touch Tone

- A trademark of BT in the UK for DTMF dialling  

Touch Up Tools

- Solder tools designed for safe rework of solder joint connections  


"Total Quality Management"  


- Is a means of checking the logic of a program by inserting statements which cause the values of variables or other information to he printed out as the program is executed

trace width

Trace Width

- The dimensional width of a conductor on substrate layer

necking down


- Is the path on a tape or disk along which data is stored. On a tape there will be several tracks parallel to the edge of the tape. On a disk they are concentric circles.  

Tractor Feed

- Is a mechanism for advancing paper by use of perforations and a toothed wheel  

Transaction File

- Is a collection of records used in batch processing to update a master file. Also called an update file or change file.  

Transaction Processing

- Is the use of an online computer system to interrogate or update files as requested rather than batching such requests together for subsequent processing  


- The ratio of ac output current to ac input voltage. A measure of how effectively the input voltage controls the output current  

Transfer Function

- The inputs and outputs of an op amp circuit may be voltages, currents, or a combination of the two  


- Device that transfers energy from one circuit to another by mutual induction, either reducing or increasing the voltage. Transformers are used very often and for different volts.

RTL, stepdown transformer, varistor


- Discrete semiconductor for current switching and signal amplification  


- Is a computer program used to convert a program from one language to another (e.g. from a low level language to machine code or from machine code to low level language)

directive, standard function


- Equipment inside a satellite responsible for transmitting a single channel

audio sub carrier, eclipse protected, eol, half transponder, medium power satellite

Tray Carriers

- Partitioned packaging furnished to transport quad flat pack IC devices  


- Is a nonlinear data structure where each data item is thought of as a `node` and links from it to other items as `branches`  


- A thyristor that can conduct in both directions. Because of this, it is useful for controlling alternating current.  

Trial And Error

- Is a fundamental method of problem solving. It is characterised by repeated, varied attempts which are continued until success, or until the agent stops trying  


- A sharp pulse of voltage and current that is used to turn on a thyristor or other switching device

trigger current, trigger voltage

Trigger Current

- The minimum current needed to turn on a thyristor  

Trigger Voltage

- The minimum voltage needed to turn on a thyristor  


- Triple diode, a diode with three contacts  

Trip Point

- The value of the input voltage that switches the output of a comparator or Schmitt trigger  

Triple Band LNB

- LNB capable of receiving all three bands of frequencies FSS DBS and Telecom about 10.7 GHz to 12.7 GHz. Usually worked in two range modes controlled by indoor unit.  


- Is the process of approximating a number by ignoring all information beyond a set number of significant figures  


- Loss of outermost side frequencies of an FM signal due to filtering. Shows as `tearing` effect of noise on video transients sharp vertical edges.

truncation error

Truncation Error

- Is the error introduced by truncation  


"Technical Specification Group"  


- Thermal Skin Imaging  


"Telemetry Tracking and Control"  


"Transistor Transistor Logic"

Another definition of TTL:

"Time To Live"

- A field in the Internet Protocol header which indicates how many more hops this packet should be allowed to make before being discarded or returned



"Teletype Terminal"  


- Acorn Computers` fast bus

back off, graphical display unit, magazine, tempest radiation, vdu

Tunnel Diodes

- By increasing the doping level of a back diode, we can get breakdown to occur at 0V. Furthermore, the heavier doping distorts the forward curve. A diode with this graph is called a tunnel diode  

Turnaround Document

- Is a document that after being output by the computer can be used to record data; this data can then be input to the computer using a document reader  


- Is a drawing device used by LOGO and related languages. It may be an electro mechanical device drawing on the floor (floor turtle) or may be simulated by graphics on a VDU screen (screen turtle)  





"Television Receive Only"  

Two State Output

- This is the output voltage from a digital or switching circuit. It is referred to as two-state because the output has only two stable states, low and high. The region between the low and high voltages is unstable because the circuit cannot have any value in this range except temporarily when switching between states  


"Travelling Wave Tube"



"Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier"  





"Telephone Exchange Electronic"  


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