Electronic Definitions (U)

[U] Presenting a list of electronic terms starting with letter u that are available for more detailed lookup for their definitions or abbreviation explanation. All terms are listed in alphabetical order for easy browsing.


Electronic Acronyms And Terms For [U] Description Other Electronic Terms Somewhat Related;


"Universal Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line"  


"Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter"  


"Uniformly Distributed Load"  


"Ultra High Frequency"



"Uncommitted Logic Array"

- Is an array of standard logic gates i.e. each element is identical manufactured on a single LSI chip



- Sound or other vibrations having an ultrasonic frequency, particularly as used in medical imaging  


"Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems"

arib, imttc


- Occurs when arithmetic operations produce results that are too small to store  

Unijunction Transistor

- Abbreviated UJT, this low power thyristor is useful in electronic timing, waveshaping, and control applications  

Unity Gain Frequency

- The frequency where the voltage gain of an op amp is 1. It indicates the highest usable frequency. It is important because it equals the gain bandwidth product.  

Universal Curve

- A solution in the form of a graph that solves a problem for a whole class of circuits. The universal curve for self-biased JFETs is an example.  

Universal Fixture

- Tooling designed for use on several differently shaped substrate assemblies  

Unwanted Bypass Circuit

- A circuit that appears in the base or collector sides of a transistor because of internal transistor capacitances and stray wiring capacitancestacircuit that appears in the base or collector sides of a transistor because of internal transistor capacitances and stray wiring capacitances  


"Universal Product Code"

- Is the standard bar code now adopted by European countries



- The earth to satellite signal path  


- Uploading is the transmission of a file from one computer system to another, usually larger computer system  


"Uninterruptible Power Supply"

upside down pnp bias

Upside Down PNP Bias

- When you have a positive power supply and a pnp transistor, it is customary to draw the transistor upside-down. This is especially helpful when the circuit uses both npn and pnp transistors.  


"Uniform Resource Locator"  


"Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter"  


"Universal Serial Bus"

"Upper Side Band"


"Universal Time" (GMT)

utility program, utp

Utility Program

- Is a systems program designed to perform a commonplace task such as the transfer of data from one storage device to another or sorting a set of data



"Unshielded Twisted Pair"  



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