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V34 Plus V34 V32bis

- It is a series of CCITT standards that defines modem operations and error correction  


"Value Added Data Service"



"Very High Rate ADSL"  


- Is an input control technique used to detect any data that is inaccurate incomplete or unreasonable

raw data


"Value Added Network Service"  


- Inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device  

Vapour Phase

- A method of reflowing solder paste in a vapor created by boiling a unique chemical solution



- A diode optimized for a reverse capacitance. The larger the reverse voltage, the smaller the capacitance  


- Is the identifier associated with a particular storage location

variable length record, variable type

Variable Length Record

- Is one where the number of bits (or characters) is not predetermined  

Variable Type

- Is the kind of data that is identified by the variable (e.g. alphanumeric integer floating point). The type may need to be declared when the variable is first used in a program so that adequate storage space is provided.  


- A device that acts like two back-to back zener diodes. Used across the primary winding of a power transformer to prevent line spikes from entering the equipment  


"Volt Amps Reactive"  


"Vertical Blanking Interval"  


"Video Cassette Recorder"

batteries alkaline, cctv repair, surveillance


"Virtual Component eXchange"  


"Very high rate DSL"  


"Video Dial Tone"

- An alternative term to describe ADSL



"Visual Display Unit"

- Is a terminal device incorporating a cathode ray tube on which text can be displayed. It is usually used in conjunction with a keyboard

justifcation, operator`s console, screen editing, scrolling, turtle window


- Is the technique of passing control in a computer program through an intermediate address or vector  


- Is the act of checking transferred data usually at the stage of input to a computer by comparing copies of the data before and after transfer (e.g. repeating the keyboard operations to check that the data has been correctly transferred in a key to disk system or when punching paper tape)  


"Vertical Frequency"



"Variable Frequency Oscillator"  


"Video Graphics Array"

V34 Plus, V34, V32bis


"Very High Frequency"

spymaster, surveillance

Via Pad

- A plated hole used to interconnect two or more circuit layers on a substrate


Video CD

- Is a home video format and the first format for distributing films on standard 120 mm optical discs  

Video Disk

- Is a storage medium primarily used for the storage of television pictures for subsequent replay  


- Is a cryptographic, smartcard-based conditional access television encryption system that scrambles analogue pay-TV signals  

Virtual Ground

- A type of ground that appears at the inverting input of an op amp that uses negative feedback  

Virtual Storage

- Is a means of apparently extending main storage by allowing the programmer to access backing storage in the same way as immediate access store  


"Very long Baseline Interferometry"



"Very Low Frequency"  


"Very Long Instruction Word"  


"Very Large Scale Integration"  


"Virtual Network Operator"  


"Volatile Organic Compounds"  


"Video On Demand"  

Voice Stress Phone

- Are collectively a pseudoscientific technology that aims to infer deception from stress measured in the voice  

Vox Voice Activation

- Is commonly used in radio communications in which push to talk (PTT) is either inconvenient or not practical, thus hands-free communication is required. VOX only transmits the microphone signal when it has been determined the user is talking.  


"Voice Over IP"  

Volatile Memory

- Memory which loses its data when power is removed. The RAM memory in the Emulator II is volatile, the data on the hard disk is non volatile.  

Volatile Store

- Is a store holding data only while power is supplied  

Volt (Voltage)

- A potential due to an electric field. One volt is defined as the potential difference across a resistor that is passing one ampere and dissipating one watt. 1 V = 1 W/A.  


- Voltage seems very complicated but is very simple voltage is the flow of electrons

decibel voltage gain, measured voltage gain, predicted voltage gain, stiff voltage divider, stiff voltage source, voltage amplifier, voltage controlled device, Voltage Drop, voltage feedback, voltage follower, voltage gain, voltage regulator, voltage source, voltage switched lnb, voltage to current converter

Voltage Amplifier

- An amplifier that has its circuit values selected to produce a maximum voltage gain

inverting input

Voltage Controlled Device

- A device like a JFET or MOSFET whose output is controlled by an input voltage  

Voltage Drop

- Voltage measured across resistors  

Voltage Feedback

- This is a type of feedback where the feedback signal is proportional to the output voltage  

Voltage Follower

- An op-amp circuit that uses non inverting voltage feedback. The circuit has a very high input impedance, a very low output impedance, and a voltage gain of 1. It is ideal for use as a buffer amplifier.  

Voltage Gain

- This is defined as the output voltage divided by the input voltage. Its value indicates how much the signal is amplified.

buffer amplifier, compensating capacitor, decibel voltage gain, frequency response, loop gain, measured voltage gain, midband, miller`s theorem, mixer, op amp, overloading, phase splitter, predicted voltage gain, reference voltage, resonant frequency, unity gain frequency, voltage follower

Voltage Regulator

- A device or circuit that holds the load voltage almost constant, even though the load current and source voltage are changing. Ideally, a voltage regulator is a stiff voltage source with an output or Thevenin resistance that approaches zero.

reference voltage, ripple rejection

Voltage Source

- Ideally, an energy source that produces a constant load voltage for any value of the load resistance. To a second approximation, it includes a small internal resistance in series with the source.

stiff voltage source, voltage regulator

Voltage Switched LNB

- An LNB that has a built in polarisation selector controlled by voltage level 13/18 volts from indoor unit


Voltage To Current Converter

- A circuit that is equivalent to a controlled current source. The input voltage controls the current. The current is then constant and independent of the load resistance.  


"Virtual Private Network"

- A network that appears to be "private" but in fact uses the a PTO`s public network to create a closed user group thereby providing the convenience of a private network without the infrastructure costs normally associated with ii



"Video Programming Signal"  



- Faster than DRAM this is used by graphics cards



"Vertical Redundancy Check"  


"Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage"  


"Very Small Aperture Terminal"  


"Vestigial Side Band"



"Vestigial Side Band Suppressed Carrier"  


"Voltage Standing Wave Ratio"

- A measure of mismatch in a cable waveguide or antenna system



"Virtual Telecommunications Access Method"  


"Threshold Voltage"  


"Video Tape Recorder"  


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