Electronic Definitions (Z)

[Z] Presenting a list of electronic terms starting with letter z that are available for more detailed lookup for their definitions or abbreviation explanation. All terms are listed in alphabetical order for easy browsing.


Electronic Acronmys And Terms For [Z] Description Other Electronic Terms Somewhat Related;

Zener Effect

- Sometimes called high-field emission, this occurs when the intensity of the electric field becomes high enough to dislodge valence electrons in a reverse biased diode.

breakdown region, breakdown voltage

Zener Resistance

- The bulk resistance of a zener diode. It is very, small compared to the current-limiting resistance in series with the zener diode.  

Zener Voltage

- The breakdown voltage of a zener diode. This is the approximate voltage out of a zener voltage regulator.

reference voltage

Zero Adjustments

- The adjustment of a display that results are zero on the display corresponding to a non-zero signal  

Zero Crossing

- The point where the polarity of an electrical or sampled signal changes from positive to negative (or vice-versa) as it passes through zero. A zero crossing provides a convenient point to splice two sounds because the levels of the two splice points are the same at zero volts.  


"Zero Insertion Force"

- Sockets used for large CPUs. Lifting a handle enables you to remove the processor.


Zinc Whisker

- Are very small parts of elemental zinc creating small objects that are electroplated or galvanized with zinc. Parts that can create zinc whiskers include steel parts, sheet metal, railings, and few other materials that are not necessarily metal objects.  


- The common standard for compressing files so that they take up less space. Zipped files have the extension .zip and are compressed and decompressed using shareware utilities such as Winzip and PKZIP.

esd packaging

Zone Beam

- Bearn pattern usually a shaped beam intermediate between hemisphere and spot  


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