Planetary Gearbox


Small Planetary Gearbox

The Planetary Gearbox derives its namesake from having a system that consists of one or more gears or "planets", rotating around the central "sun" gear.

Assun's small planetary gearboxes are precise, compact in size, and run silently while delivering high power density and optimum transmission efficiency.

We offer multistage planetary gearboxes with up to 4 stages. You can select the most suitable one for your requirements or consult our engineers, who can recommend the appropriate option for you.

Company Name Abbreviation
Gearbox Dimension
16 Diameter (mm)


Gearbox Type
GP Precision Gearbox     
P Regular Gearbox
HP High Performance Gearbox
Number of Stages
A 1 Stage B 2 Stages
C 3 Stages D 4 Stages
E 5 Stages    


Gear Ratio

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