We provide total solution to many applications in different industries. Our key innovations include Brushless Motor, Brushed Coreless Motor, Planetary Gearbox, Driver and Optical Encoder. Feel free to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to hear from you.

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Technical Support

Structure of Planetary Gearbox

Structure of DC Brushless Motor

Structure of DC Brush Coreless Motor

Structure of Electromagentic Encoder

Structure of Optical Encoder

General Installation Guide

Installation Direction

Installer direction is the same with quality inspection level. Install in other direction my lad to lubricant leak, load change and cause level characteristics change.


Output shaft Machining

Different size and material output shaft provided according to clients requirements. Load, rush, powder cut in machining may damage the products.


Overload & Stall

When the motor running heat occurs due to the energy conversion, the temperature will be gradually increased. Load within the rated range, the occurrence and distribution heat are balanced so the coil won’t burn out. However, overload and stall state will increase heat. Long time running at this state, the insulating film will be damaged and cause shot-circuit, as a result, motor will be burnt out.

Power Accumulated

Some DC motors use carbon brush. Rotating motor commutator friction with carbon brush cause sparks in commutator. When running at low speed, powder caused by the friction of commutator and brush will accumulated and occur short-circuit, burnt out the motor and drive, please pay special attention.

Electromagnet Noise

For DC motor, sparks caused by carbon brush and commutator lead to electromagnet noise. Noise in wire or radiate out will effect machine around. Our engineers has optimal solution to solve it.


Please do not store it at high temperature or humidity environment.

Gearbox + Motor

Motor + Optical Encoder

Motor + Electromagentic Encoder

Explanation of Specifications