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terms of warranty

Our products are produced to state-of-the-art production methods and are subject to strict quality control. Should, contrary to all expectations, defects occur, we undertake to ratify the fault within the warranty period.


§ We shall make good or replace defective goods, at our own discretion, within a reasonable period set by you and at our own cost. Replaced goods become our property and are to be returned to us.

§ If improvement or replacement delivery is not possible or does not occur or fails for other reasons for which we are responsible within a period agreed by both parties, you can opt to withdraw from the contract for the defective delivery or reduce the purchase price.

§ We are not liable for damage to the goods caused by natural wear and tear, wear, unsuitable, improper or non-contractual use, incorrect assembly, installation or putting into service, excessive loading or improper change, improvement or repair work by you or third parties or incorrect or negligent treatment, provided these are not through our fault.

§ Further claims, in particular claims for compensation instead of the performance and for compensation of other direct or indirect losses – including accompanying or consequential loss, for whatever legal reason – are excluded. In the case of simple negligence, however, our obligation to pay damages is limited to the amount of typical, losses for the type of contract.


§ All defect rectification including the defects covered by our terms and conditions of supply expire one year after delivery of the goods to you. The limitation period for replacements and improvements is 1 year but it expires at least when the original limitation period for the delivered goods expires. The period for defects liability for a supplied goods will be extended by the duration of the operational interruption caused by the making good work. Provisions concerning a shorter life of the object supplied within the scope of its intended use remain unaffected by this limitation provision.

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