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What is Brushed DC Motors?

A brushed DC motor is an internally commutated electric motor designed to be run from a direct current power source. Brushed DC motors can be varied in speed by changing the operating voltage or the strength of the magnetic field.

Featuring a permanent magnet, coreless design, our brushed DC motors deliver high efficiency and power density in a small, lightweight package. Built of high-quality materials for optimal performance, these motors offer a low moment of inertia, low friction and a long commutator life. They’re perfect for compact applications requiring high acceleration, torque and efficiency with no cogging.

Ideal for Small, Portable and Handheld Devices

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Model No.Product ImageDiameter (mm)Length (mm)Rated Voltage Range (V)Rated Power Range (W)Rated Speed Range (rpm)Rated Torque Range (mN.m)Rated Current Range (mA)Price (USD)
CL1623MA SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL1623MA Series Image16231.5 to 121.2 to 3.34861 98396 to 10250 to 85065
CL1626MA SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL1626MA Series Image16261.5 to 241.8 to 6.46536 to 12476 8 to 17150 to 85065
CL1633MA/B SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL1633MA/B Series Image16333 to 121.7 to 3.25220 to 770012 to 17180 to 85065
CL1642MA SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL1642MA Series Image16426 to 489.8 to 15.59207 to 1168240 to 51110 to 210070
CL1643MA/B SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL1643MA/B Series Image16433 to 261.9 to 4.64400 to 708016 to 26160 to 85070
CL2232GA/B SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL2232GA/B Series Image22326 to 244.8 to 13.45735 to 918332 to 56250 to 85070
CL2232MA/B SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL2232MA/B Series Image22323 to 243.6 to 8.34500 to 760031 to 45200 to 90070
CL2242GA/B SeriesDC Brushed Coreless MotorAM-CL2242GA/B Series Image22426 to 4812.5 to 39.35260 to 973290 to 154180 to 130075
CL2242MA/B SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL2242MA/B Series Image22426 to 488.7 to 21.04487 to 715074 to 900150 to 98075
CL2532MA/B SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL2532MA/B Series Image25323 to 243.1 to 8.43993 to 659230 to 49220 to 95073
CL2545MA/B SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL2545MA/B Series Image2545.36 to 4811.3 to 33.64070 to 6850105.6 to 187.2260 to 95080
CL2831MA/B SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL2831MA/B Series Image28316 to 484.3 to 14.23960 to 743741 to 73120 to 70075
CL2845MA/B SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL2845MA/B Series Image28456 to 4819.3 to 47.34280 to 6520169.0 to 276.9330 to 95085
CL3570GA/B SeriesDC Brushed Coreless Motor AM-CL3570GA/B Series Image3570.512 to 4848.2 to 150.41756 to 6140331 to 969400 to 3600125

Assun Motor’s Brushed DC motors are available in 12 different sizes. The dimension specification can be defined as 1623, 1626, 1633, 1642, 1643, 2232, 2242, 2532, 2545, 2831, 2845 and 3570, with the first 2 numbers representing diameter in mm, and the following 2 numbers representing the length of the motor in mm.

To aid you in selecting the right models for your specified needs, the image below will help you to understand better in our motor model type, including diameter, length, material, with or without rear shaft, rated voltage and revolving speed.

AssunMotor Model No InfographicRated voltage for our brushed motor are 1.5V, 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 26V, 36V & 48V. The general specification can be summarised as following:

– Diameter size from 16mm to 35mm.
– Length from 23mm to 70mm
– Rated power Output from 0.9W to 40W.
– Revolving speed from 1223RPM to 12476 RPM
– Stall Torque from 7 mN.m to 969 mN.m
– Typical lifespan up to 1,000 operating hours.

Our Brushed DC motors are perfect for your devices and systems to achieve efficient and precise motion. With the advanced coreless structure, our products has the advantages of low noise, high efficiency, fast response, high controlling accuracy and high starting torque.

With it’s maintenance free and smooth starting up and braking capability, our brushed DC motors makes perfect performance in the following areas:
– Mechanical arms.
– Robotics.
– Automate systems.
– Medical and treatment equipment.
– Aerospace industry.