Brushed Coreless Motor



Coreless Motors have rotor windings wound in a honeycomb form to create a self-supporting cylinder. This eliminates the mass and inertia of a rotating rotor, making rapid acceleration and deceleration possible.

Assun's Coreless Brushed DC Motors are fabricated with high-quality materials in a compact, lightweight design for great efficiency and power density. They are ideal for devices that require fast responses, high torque, and efficiency without cogging.

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Company Name Abbreviation
Motor Type
CL Brushed Motor
BL Brushless Motor




Motor Dimension
16 Diameter (mm)
43 Length (mm)
Brush Material
M Metal Brush
G Graphite Brush
Number of Pole Pairs
A 1 Pole Pair
B 2 Pole Pairs
C 3 Pole Pairs
D 4 Pole Pairs
Temperature Level
N 85℃
E 120℃
F 150℃
H 180℃
Nominal Voltage & No Load Speed
12 Nominal Voltage (V)
06 No Load Speed (×1000rpm)



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